Titan Load Cell


A load cell is a force sensor which receives a voltage (excitation) from a regulated power source (usually a digital indicator or signal conditioner) and sends back a low voltage signal (signal) when force is applied. The load cell signal is converted to a visual or numeric value by a “digital indicator”. When there is no load on the cell the two signal lines are at equal voltage. As a load is applied to the cell, the voltage on one signal line increases very slightly and the voltage on the other signal line decreases very slightly. The difference in voltage between the two signals is read by the indicator in mV. The load cell core is usually made of good quality steel or aluminium. The circuit consists of precision foil resistors called strain gauges connected in a configuration called a Wheatstone bridge. The gauges are bonded very securely to the metal where they sense very small deflections in the metal caused by the load being applied to the cell. Because the signal levels are very small, the circuit must be protected from all outside influences such as moisture, physical damage or electrical interference.

Top features of the GK Titan load cell

  • Strong & durable – industrial strength
  • Tested in harsh conditions: works indoor or outdoor
  • Industrial precision weighing applications
  • Ideal load cell for conversions: extra low profile fits into any existing application
  • Ideal for application requiring protection from 4 directional side forces
  • Legal-for-trade in new & retrofit installations
  • Incredible 10 year guarantee with a maintenance agreement


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