Load Buttons & Sockets


Load Buttons & Sockets are a convenient and inexpensive way to mount basically anything on Load Cells. They provide both a wear resistant loading arrangement and a locating arrangement, the lateral movement of the Button/Socket being limited by the recess in the socket. Generally, they are used for medium accuracy applications as the Load Cells can be subjected to side loads unless lateral constrainers are also used.

The Gedge Systems has Stainless Steel Load Buttons with M12/M16 & M18 threads and Load Sockets for ALL GK2107 Shear Beam Load Cells of 25kg to 5,000kg Capacity. These Load Buttons and Sockets can be used with ANY Load Cell of the same thread size.

Most platform scales are mounted on feet to keep the platform “off the floor” and to provide a locating mechanism (to keep it in place). There is a wide range of types of feet available, but the best will provide for some horizontal and angular movement to avoid placing side loads and bending loads on the Load Cell. Feet are most often used with Shear Beam Load Cells. Our range presently comprises SWIVEL feet of Chrome Plated Steel. It is being expanded to include ALL STAINLESS-STEEL models, and the very accurate Pendul Design Feet.


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