Rubber Mounts for GK2107 Shear Beam Load Cells


Mounting machinery on rubber isolation mounts is a long-established practice which has successfully “spilled over” to weighing, where all kinds of equipment can be mounted on Load Cells using rubber mounts.  Rubber Mounts have the advantage of providing both a method of fixing to the Load cell and of locating the load. We have Rubber Mounts for all our GK2107 Shear Beam Load cells from the lowest 25kg capacity to the highest 5,000kg capacity. Our mounts are supplied with all hardware including load spreaders and fixing studs, nuts and washers. 

Applications such as Silos, Hoppers, Mixers, Conveyors and Platforms are applicable. They are not suited to all applications, but our team can give you expert advice regarding the best mounting technique for your application.


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