50t Very Heavy Duty CONSTRAINED MOUNT for SILOS, BINS and HOPPERS using GK2137S Canister Load Cells


If you have a 40t to over 200t HEAVY WEIGHING application involving a SILO; HOPPER or BIN then the GKMA-37C Mount will be perfect for your project.



  • ACCURACY – If you cannot measure it, then you won’t be able to control it- whether it be batching or inventory control. The combination of the gkma-37c mount and gk2137s load cell provides a solution that is up to 3 times more ACCURATE than many alternatives, with a total error band of 0.03%.
  • ENHANCED ACCURACY – Some alternative silo mount designs use the load cell to resist side loads resulting mainly from wind loading. This is acceptable where high accuracy is not required BUT the load cell produces weighing errors as a result of these side loads. In the GKMA-37C Mount, the load cell’s fundamental high accuracy is not degraded as it is never subjected to any side loads. Instead, all side loads are constrained by the heavy M30 Tie Rod Constrainer in the mount while at the same time the mount and load cell design allow cross axis thermal expansion of the Silo/Bin or Hopper.
  • SAFETY – Not only does the GKMA-37C Mount resist side loads with the heavy mount structure, it also includes an M30 10t rated {26t Ultimate} anti-uplift post to prevent the Silo from overturning.
  • STRONG and CORROSION RESISTANT – The GKMA-37C Mount is constructed out of 20mm thick C45 550MPa steel with a Heavy Industrial Chrome Plate finish for the ultimate in Corrosion Resistance. The GK2137S Load Cell is entirely made of Stainless Steel.
  • QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE COST – All these high quality, strength and accuracy comes at an attractive, easy-to-buy price which includes factory assembly. They will arrive at your site ready to install and use. 


In applications where anti-uplift and horizontal constrainers are already installed and only Top Plates and Bottom Plates are required, the GKMC-37S Top and Bottom Plates provide a convenient and cost effective solution.


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