5t & 10t Heavy Duty MOUNTS for GK2102 Welded Sealed IP68 Shear Beams


Here is an economically priced but incredibly strong 10t & 5t Mount. 


  • The GKMB02T10C and GKMB02T05C Mount is made of C45 550MPa Chrome Plated Steel. Along with the GK2102T10 10,000kg IP68 Tool Steel Shear Beam Load Cell or GK2102T05 5,000kg Load Cell, it provides an accurate, strong, reliable and safe low-cost Weighing Solution for all outdoor or indoor applications.
  • The Mount includes restrained lateral freedom up to +/-3.5mm for Thermal Expansion of the Silo or Weigh Bin and includes Anti-Uplift (overturning) protection to 10t with safety support protection also to 10t. This is a STRONG HEAVY MOUNT. With it you can use our 0.03% Full Scale ACCURACY Shear Beam Load Cells to obtain the very best weighing and batching result. This is so much better than some of the less accurate alternative weighing solutions on offer today!
  • The same strong mount components are used for both 10t and 5t models, making it easy-to-use. The big plus is that you have to make only one footplate (or connecting bracket) size for all capacities. The ONLY difference between the 10t and 5t assembly is the overall height, as can be seen in the images.


You can use the GKMB02T10C & GKMB02T05C for all your Silo, Weigh Bin and Batching Applications that require a 5t or 10t per mount solution. For Mounts of 10t to 50t capacity, each used on silos up 200t and beyond use our GKMA-37C Mount above.


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