GS192 Edge Processing Interface


Data visibility for better machine performance
The GS192 collates signals from industrial equipment for processing and publishing to the Cloud. Designed for monitoring small machines and automation systems it enables data visibility for determining machine health or process efficiency. Industrial grade digital inputs, relay
contacts and analog process (4–20mA) input channels easily link process sensor inputs and standalone legacy automation such as PLCs, variable frequency drives and other discrete control systems to Industrial IoT cloud services.

Collect field operating data from your machine
GS192 built-in cloud interface sends data from your machine directly to the Cloud – useful for facilities maintenance monitoring, replenishing consumables and remote diagnostic monitoring.

Direct wireless interface to field process inputs
GS192 converts, conditions and processes analog signals directly to wireless WiFi (801.11) or (eMTC) LTE Cat-M1. No additional wireless modem required.

Easily integrates with your existing automation equipment
The GS192 natively supports MQTT Industrial IoT communications protocol. ModBus RTU master/slave communication port directly interfaces to metering and control automation. Application use cases include AMR (automatic meter reading), monitoring of remote asset productivity, energy consumption, and consumable supply tank levels. Onboard logic engine allows customization tailored to specific measurement and monitoring requirements.

Extra cloud interface security and Store and Forward data integrity
Connection and data security are paramount so the GS192 provides peace of mind with Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol. In the event of a network communications failure the GS192 IoT Store and Forward function buffers data locally, forwarding to the cloud server once network communications are reinstated, securely monitoring and recording with total data integrity.


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