What Is Remote Display Protocol And Its Function In Weighing Equipment

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What Is A Display Protocol?

Most commonly known with a function of rendering and transporting to display protocol to a certain device, a display protocol also takes care of other user-end aspects such as redirecting USB devices to a certain local client device. A display protocol usually is situated in the middle of the connection of the remote resource and the user. Another function that a display protocol does is the ability to provide a graphical interface to a remote desktop to end users. 

How Do I Pick The Right Remote Display?

As the years passed, the features and abilities of display protocols gradually improved. In finding the perfect remote display, it is essential to think of the remote resource and the computation it provides. It is vital to determine first where you will invest, as every equipment is essentially considered a huge investment that will impact your business operation for years. Know if your business needs an investment in hardware that provides GPU passthrough, then you have to make sure that the display protocol you are investing in can live up to that certain technology and it can live up to the level of performance you need.

It is also important that you first determine which industry you are in and what the demand of that industry is. Know what usually are the client devices and remote resources your market is usually working with. It is essential to understand all the devices your target users have, including all the varied resources they will connect to. This will help you decide on what the perfect display protocol is, and have a peace of mind that the display protocol you chose will satisfy your workflow.

Looking For The Best Remote Displays? 

GS1650R With Remote Display

The GS1650R Remote Display by Gedge Systems is a microprocessor-based instrument designed for use in a wide range of industrial weighing applications where a remote EXACT display of the weight upon a Gedge Systems Weight Indicator or Batch Controller is required. The GS1650R Remote Display is connected to a weight indicator via a low cost 3-wire cable which is used to transmit a RS422 signal at 62.5k Baud with the weight and status of the Digital Weight Indicator. The GS1650R Remote Display contains NO operator controls and requires NO adjustments upon installation as it is a Plug & Play device. All of the data required by the GS1650R Remote Display is contained within the data stream transmission received from the transmitting indicator or controller.

Gs120 Large LED Display

For the ideal controller for high-speed, high accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations, the GS120 by Gedge Systems is the perfect Remote Display for your business. With product properties such as High Voltage power supply of 85-265V AC/95-370V DC and Low Voltage power supply of 15-48V AC/10-72V DC, the GS120 by Gedge Systems has easy setup intuitive text prompts which facilitates easy setup which can display kg, g, t, lb, N any units. With a software in instrument that is customizable to fit your solution, the GS120 has High Thermal Stability, Positive and Negative batching with annunciators center of zero, motion, and net. 

GS1650S Gedge Systems Weight Indicators

Another option is the GS1650S Summing Unit which accepts the ASCII serial weight data transmitted from TWO (2) up to SIX (6) Option 02 equipped GS1650 Gedge Systems Weight Indicators. The GS1650S displays the sum of these weights and is capable of being used for any N.S.C Weights and Measures weighing applications in Australia. The GS1650S may be fitted with ALL of the GS range of Options and may be used with all of the GS range of Accessory Units for connection to Printers, Controllers, Remote Displays and Printers.

If you want to know more about remote displays and the weighing industry in general, the dedicated engineers from Gedge Systems will be pleased to help you out.


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