Benefits Of Having An Onboard Weighing Indicator

Benefits of onboard weighing indicator is that we can ensuring your trucks are accurately loaded is a cost-saving activity, and your onboard system will pay for itself over time. Without the hassle of needing to travel back and forth to weigh bridges, you save up time, fuel and vehicle maintenance will help your business big time.

This are some benefits of onboard Weighing indicator, no more hassle and you gonna save a lot of time.
The Gedge Systems Onboard Weighing Indicators

5 Benefits Of Having Onboard Weighing Indicators In Your System

  1. Save time. 

It is true what they say that in the world of business, time equals money. When you have an Onboard Weighing System, you save A LOT of time. Imagine picking up your load, weighing it as it is being moved, and dropping the stock at its destination faster and quicker. You can even speed up your production flow by just one operation by spending less time and having minimal operator effort. All these make your overall operation more efficient, convenient and much more productive. 

  1. Avoid paying unwanted and unnecessary costs for overloading.

If you don’t invest in an Onboard Weighing Scale System in your operation, you are at risk of more changes of underloading, overloading and incorrect loading. All these leads to more unwanted and unexpected problems in your operations including an increase in your fuel cost, penalties for overloading and more maintenance costs. Also, remember that if you invest in an Onboard Weighing System, you no longer have to pay weighbridge fees. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

  1. Meet the mandated requirements.

Investing in an Onboard Weighing Scale System will give you the peace of the mind that you will always get the correct weight quicker and easier without going over the required legal limits. Since Chain Of Responsibility applies for all industries that have to do with the loading, receiving or packing of products which means that you may be held liable for breaches. 

  1. Achieve customer satisfaction.

An Onboard Weighing System gives assurance to every customer that incorrect measurements and weight will not occur under your company. This will then result in building customer trust in your products which eventually lead to customer loyalty.

  1. Investment in your business.

Little improvements can make a huge impact on your business. In an industry where the market is huge such as manufacturing, food processing and medical fields, quality, accuracy and trust is needed to stand out. Considering the costs that you will have to pay from legal action for damages that might be filed against you, the expenses for purchasing an Onboard Weighing Equipment is nothing in comparison.

If you wish to establish long-term business relationships, then you need to invest in what will help your customers. Remember that the hidden costs and risks associated with unreliable machinery could be much higher than the cost of purchasing a new one. The cost of purchasing an Onboard Weighing System will definitely be a huge decision that any business needs to make. But these steps that you make today will certainly affect the long-term success of your business.

Want to make your life easier with Onboard Weighing Indicators?

Situated in Melbourne, Gedge Systems have been producing weighing equipment such as Digital Weight Indicators, Batch Controllers and General Industrial Weighing Equipment all throughout Australia and overseas since 1978. 

The Gedge Systems Onboard Weighing Indicators are suitable for a range of onboard or mobile weighing applications giving operators the needed information to effectively manage their needs. With easy-to-read displays, each load can be measured and logged at the point of loading. Vehicles are loaded more efficiently and safely at an economical cost as the operator sees the data before even starting the journey.


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