How To Use Load Cells For Weight Measurement

This is the best guide on how to use load cell. Load cells, or commonly known as load cell transducers, are critical yet significant components in most industrial weighing systems. By definition, load cells are sensors that measure and convert weight- or more accurately, directional force into an electrical signal. Designed to be a highly accurate device, load cells can be used to measure compression, tension, shear forces or bending. 

How To Use Load Cell In Measuring Weight?

Load cells are available in different configurations and standards, depending on the intended application and environment. Included in the various types of load cells available, varying models and styles can be distinguished in two key ways:

  1. Through the specific method they use to detect weight (includes compression load cells, tension load cells and other measurement variations)
  2. Through the type of output signal generated (includes hydraulic load cells, piezoelectric load cells and various other configurations)

Within the load cell structure are groups of areas designed to be ‘stressed’ when a load or force is applied. These areas are bonded by thin elastic materials called ‘Strain Gauges’ made up of stainless steel and are fixed inside the load cells. Whenever a force or pressure is applied on the load cell, it bends or stretches causing the strain gauge to move along with it. When the cross-section of the strain gauge changes, its electrical resistivity also changes and gets altered, thereby changing the output voltage.

What Applications Are Used For Load Cells?

Load cells find their application in a variety of industries that demand accuracy and precision, which means that they play such an important role in modern commerce. Global sales still rely on precise weight measurement, Industrial companies require precise quality control systems, while Manufacturing companies need consistency and safety processes. Load cells are also widely used in Medical and Laboratory settings to achieve accurate measurements for a wide variety of scientific and research purposes.

From measuring things as small as a needle to as heavy as big drilling machines, you will find load cells everywhere. Compared to traditional mechanical platform weighing devices, load cells are proven to be a far more reliable and cost-effective choice for companies in the long-run. However, the idea of measuring any weight or force is never limited to a specific industry or application. 

Looking For The Best Load Cells?

These are just some of the most commonly used load cell applications but since load cells are used for accurate measurement, it can be customised depending on your needs. If you want to know more about load cells and the weighing industry in general, the dedicated engineers from Gedge Systems will be pleased to help you out.


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