GS1650R Remote Display Repeater 14mm 6 digit Display


The GS1650R Remote Display is a microprocessor-based instrument designed for use in a wide range of industrial weighing applications, where a remote EXACT display of the weight upon a Gedge Systems Weight Indicator or Batch Controller is required. The GS1650R Remote Display is connected to a weight indicator via a low cost 3-wire cable which is used to transmit a RS422 signal at 62.5k Baud with the weight and status of the Digital Weight Indicator. The GS1650R Remote Display contains NO operator controls and requires NO adjustments upon installation as it is a Plug & Play device. All of the data required by the GS1650R Remote Display is contained within the data stream transmission received from the transmitting indicator or controller.


  • Can be used for all W&M Applications
  • Clearly visible bright 14mm LED 6 digit Display
  • 6 Digits will display to 999,999
  • Easy to setup – completely PLUG and PLAY
  • Low cost connection up to 1000m for GS Indicators & Controllers
  • Fault Tolerant – recovers AUTOMATICALLY from faulty serial transmissions
  • Automatic Input string detection


  • All Trade Approved Weighing Applications – NSC:S193B
  • Weighbridges and Platform Scales
  • Industrial Weighing and Batching



How Does A Digital Indicator Work?

With the development of technology, the Dial Indicator, also known as the ‘Clock Face’ was replaced by digital displays (usually LCDs) and the clockwork was replaced by linear encoders, thus the birth of the Digital Indicator. Before the Digital Indicator was created, the operator must first interpret the pointer’s position to read the measurement using the dial indicator, where he records the measurement generally by hand, before typing it into a computer. Those three steps where errors can frequently occur were eliminated by the invention of the digital indicator.

With the digital indicator, the operator simply has to position the workpiece and press a button-  no need to even read the measurement. Digital indicators can record measurements, usually as an actual value, such as 20.00 mm, and transmit the data directly to a computer or printer or SPC programs with no operator errors in recording or reading. With an SPC program installed, the operator receives a record of the measurement results in a database table or spreadsheet format and interprets them through performing statistical analysis. This feature of the digital indicator eliminates manual recording of endless columns of numbers, reduces errors made by the operator, and improves work productivity with less time spent on recording data and copying tasks. A digital indicator also provides switching between metric and inch units with an easy press of a button-  no need to type into a calculator or search into a browser just to get the separate unit conversion.

Proven to be highly reliable in the shop floor environment, digital indicators only have a single moving part which demands less frequent cleaning compared to other mechanical devices. With  digital indicators now offering IP Ratings, you can never worry about using them in wet, dusty or other harsh environments making them such a great investment for your business.



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