GS1040-99 Six Digit 40mm Daylight Visible REMOTE DISPLAY in Stainless IP67 Enclosure


The GS1040-99 is a light 3.5kg stainless steel throughout that can easily be mounted with one hand while securing it with the other. It has IP67 Protection Rating that is easy to set up, easy to install and fault tolerant.The SIX digit display behind a 4mm glass window, comprises large 40mm seven segment electromechanical digits that can give up to 4 updates per second depending on the refresh rate of the serial input data stream. The GS1040-99 can be used with all GS indicators & controllers. The GS1040-99 operates with ALL serial output equipped Gedge Systems weight indicators and batch controllers including the powerful GS2800 High Speed Batch Controller.



  • Can be used for all W&M Applications
  •  Daylight Visible BRIGHT 40mm Electro-mechanical Digits
  •  Readable from 10 meter
  •  Readable when viewed from the SIDE up to 70degrees
  •  6 Digits will display to 999,999
  •  IP67 Rated Resists high pressure water spray – dust and dirt
  •  All STAINLESS-STEEL enclosure, purpose designed
  •  Easy to set up- PLUG and PLAY (ONE button accesses all setup recipes)
  •  Lots of Inputs – RS-232C; RS-422A or 20mA CLoop
  •  Low cost up to 1000m connection to all GS Indicators & Controllers
  •  Easy to mount – only weighs 3.5kg (one person can do it even on a ladder)
  •  High Speed Update rate – up to 4/second
  •  Fault Tolerant – recovers AUTOMATICALLY from faulty serial transmissions
  •  Automatic Input string detection



  • All Trade Approved Weighing Applications – NSC:S193B
  •  Weighbridges and Platform Scales
  •  Front End Loader Concrete Plants
  •  Industrial Weighing and Batching


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