GS3100 Weigh/Batching Computer/PLC Front End


The world’s first Weight Indicator designed from the ground up as a Front End for Computer/PLC Controlled batching is here. With the GS3100, computers can now talk to factory floor operators by sending messages for the GS3100 to display and by “listening” to the operator’s answers via the GS3100’s keyboard. 



  • Remote Computer/PLC can WRITE MESSAGES to the DISPLAY
  • Can Operate in Foreground or Background Mode
  • Can send weight in stream or on-demand mode
  • Front Panel Keystrokes can be Sent to Remote Computer/PLC
  • Excitation Sensing Design allows Accurate Weighing through I/S BARRIERS
  • Multi Tasking Batch and Fieldbus Controller
  • Available with MODBUS RTU/ASCII
  • Use of Communicators provides DeviceNET and other protocols
  • Standard RS-232C Serial Output
  • Bright 14mm Red LED display, Resolution of 1 in 10,000
  • Display to 199,990 in kg, t, g, LB anything.
  • Operates up to 8 x 350Ohm Load Cells
  • Two Optically Isolated Open Collector Setpoint Outputs (5-48VDC 0.5A)
  • Operator Interface, Shop floor data capture
  • All Units 100% Tested for Accuracy & Thermal Stability
  • Panel Mount Clamps supplied as Standard



  • Operator Data Capture
  • Batching and Control Systems
  • Remote Silo level indication via Modem
  • PLC/PC Front End Indicator/Controller
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foods, Stock Feed, Concrete – Any Industry Really

Option Cards:

  • Option 02 Serial Output RS-232C (Not Required as RS-232C Fitted as Standard)
  • Option 05 Serial Output 20mA Active Current Loop
  • Option 06 HPF High Accuracy Analog Output 14 Bit Precision (1 in 16,384) 4-20mA & 0-10VDC
  • Option 07 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & Passive 20mA Current Loop
  • Option 08 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-422A & MultiPoint RS-485
  • Option 09 Serial Output RS-422
  • Option 202 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C
  • Option 207 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & 20mA Passive Current Loop



  • SE02 Factory Fitted to our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection

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