GS3850 Eight Setpoint Weight Controller


The GS3850 is a versatile, intelligent, user configurable low cost Set Point and Batch Weighing Controller which can be used in any application requiring set point alarms or weight feeder controls. Users can configure the GS3850 to suit many applications such as select 8 lines / Set Points with individual In Flight compensation, select 2 Dual Speed feeder control lines with individual High and Low Tolerances, In Flight compensation and High Speed Feeder Cut Off settings or various other combinations in between. Up to Eleven GS3850’s may be connected to an option 01 equipped GS1650Mk3 Digital Indicator or a GS2750 Set point Controller, via a low cost 3-wire 62.5K baud high speed serial interconnection. The GS3850 incorporates HSLE High Speed Linear Extrapolation at 300 samples per second for the ultimate in high speed batching precision.



  • Effective weight comparison rate of 300 samples per second
  • Bright 14mm Red LED display
  • Configurable for 8 Dual Speed Feeder Setpoints with Hi/Lo Tolerances.
  • Configurable for for 8 Single Speed or 4 Dual Speed Simultaneous Setpoints
  • 8 Optically Isolated Open Collector Outputs – 5 to 48VDC 0.5A
  • Outputs: Fast, Slow, High, Low, Zero, Gross, Motion
  • Includes Power Supply to Operate Relays and Switches



  • Connect to Weights & Measures Approved GS1650Mk3
  • Connect up to 8 to GS2750 for Serially Downloaded Setpoints
  • Any batching application requiring multiple displays of setpoints
  • Single/Dual Speed Feeder Controller



  • Option 04 Panel Mount Clamps


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