GS2100 – Weight Indicator & Dual Set Point Level Controller


The GS2100 is a high performance, microprocessor based, dual setpoint indicator designed specifically for use in a wide range of industrial batch weighing and process level control applications. The basic GS2100 comprises a load cell amplifier and A/D converter, 2 user configurable output relays, a CPU watchdog circuit and a front panel keyboard display all under control of the microprocessor CPU. An optional high precision analogue output may be fitted providing simultaneous 4 to 20mA & 0 to 10VDC (or customized) output of displayed gross or net weight for recording and control. The two relay outputs are controlled by individual set points that can be configured to act in a variety of ways. The GS2100 can act on increasing or decreasing weight and can be used for high & low level alarm control or batching in/out applications.

  • Display resolution to 1 in 10,000
  • Bright 14mm 6 Digit Red LED display to 199,990
  • Full Digital Setup and Keyboard Calibration
  • Can be Calibrated in ANY Units kg, t, lb, g, N, kN etc
  • Two Programmable Setpoints
  • 2 Optically Isolated Open Collector Outputs
  • Excitation Sense designed for Accurate operation through Intrinsic Safety Barriers
  • 10VDC Excitation for up to 8 x 350Ohm Load Cells
  • High Accuracy and High Thermal Stability
  • All Units 100% Tested for Accuracy & Thermal Stability



  • High and Low Level Silo/Bin detection
  • Silo weighing
  • Hopper weighing
  • Tank Weighing
  • Force Measurement with Settable Force Limits
  • PLC/SCADA Weighing Interface

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