The Importance of Remote Display in Weighing Industry

Importance of Remote Display in Weighing Industry and harsh environments such as the manufacturing, bulk construction industry or scrap/ recycling industry, it can be extremely difficult to have an operator to constantly stand next to weighing equipment during certain processes such as weighing materials, checking finished products and filling processes.

This is why Remote Displays are reliable tools in improving business operations. Remote Displays are specifically made to display weight readings to the operator. Remote displays are also designed to send alpha-numeric messages which can be really handy for operator use such as transmission of site destination and other information. Remote displays are designed with bright LED digits where the weight reading is displayed so that the operator can easily read and understand the digits flashed on screen in any lighting conditions.

This means that the operator will be able to understand the digits on the remote display in dark or dusty areas, and even in well-lit surroundings because the digits can be seen from a distance. This saves employee time and less effort for the employees as they no longer need to stand near the weighing equipment while weighing certain materials.

Remote displays are also much easier to set up as you simply have to plug them into the port of the scale. They can even be mounted to a wall. Remote displays make the process of weighing easier and more advanced through an automatic process. Through the help of a remote display, the operations also became much safer because an alarm would go off when it exceeded the target. You can even go a step further and automate the weight reading through connecting your weighing equipment to a computer.

Importance of Knowing The Suitable Remote Display in Your Business

Looking For The Best Remote Displays?

The GS1040-99 is a light 3.5kg stainless steel throughout that can easily be mounted with one hand while securing it with the other. It has IP67 Protection Rating that is easy to set up, easy to install and fault tolerant.The SIX digit display behind a 4mm glass window, comprises large 40mm seven segment electromechanical digits that can give up to 4 updates per second depending on the refresh rate of the serial input data stream. The GS1040-99 can be used with all GS indicators & controllers.

The GS120 is the ideal controller for high-speed, high accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations.

The GS1650R Remote Display is a microprocessor-based instrument where a remote EXACT display of the weight upon a Gedge Systems Weight Indicator or Batch Controller is required. The GS1650R Remote Display is connected to a weight indicator via a low cost 3-wire cable which is used to transmit a RS422 signal at 62.5k Baud with the weight and status of the Digital Weight Indicator. The GS1650R Remote Display contains NO operator controls and requires NO adjustments upon installation as it is a Plug & Play device. 

The GS1650S Summing Unit accepts the ASCII serial weight data transmitted from TWO (2) up to SIX (6) Option 02 equipped GS1650 Gedge Systems Weight Indicators. The GS1650S displays the sum of these weights; it is capable of being used for any N.S.C Weights & Measures weighing applications in Australia. 

Questions About Remote Displays?

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