Multiple Weighing Indicators System: Your Best Friend When It Comes to Functionality.

Speed, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability- these are the advantages of having a high quality Multiple Weighing Indicators System in your business. In an industry where time spent is money, functionality should be your best friend when it comes to picking the right machinery and equipment to make sure that your operations are going as smoothly as possible.

Multiple Weighing Indicators System are specifically designed to have programmable tolerance with advanced features installed. This means that your weighing indicators can easily be controlled by a PLC system or a computer to make more accurate and faster measurements. These features give you an opportunity to check every possible aspect of the production process including weighing your raw ingredients, following a specific formula, and eventually weighing the finished product. Thanks to your weighing indicator, you will be able to easily and thoroughly point out which parts of your business operations are running well and identify which needs improvement. Now, you can do more while spending less time. 

Planning On Investing In The Best Multiple Weighing Indicators System?

GS100R Digital Weighing Controller - Multiple Weighing Indicators  System


The GS100R Process Controller is a full function instrument targeted at system builders, silo systems and for inclusion in OEM designs. This product allows DIN Rail mount and supports high density multi-loop panel design. It may be fitted with high precision, fully isolated digital and analogue output options giving system designers a building block for low cost self-contained weighing loops. Unlike competitive products, it will drive multiple load cell configurations. It is also suitable for high-speed, high accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations especially where there are PLC’s, PC’s or HMI equipment associated with the weighing equipment. As an Australian-designed and manufactured instrument, the GS100R process controller is highly recommended for your next project.

GS100P panel Digital Weigh Indicator - Multiple Weighing Indicators  System


If you’re looking for the ideal controller for high-speed, high accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations, the GS100P is perfect for you.. Whether it be a simple weigh-only operation, with retransmission or a sophisticated batching application, the GS100P series controller is the right solution. The GS100P is Gedge Systems’ latest design on panel mount indicator, manufactured for the most difficult of conditions including wide range power supplies, remote inputs, relay outputs, as well as the standard analogue or digital options.



The GS1650P is a high precision microprocessor based instrument designed for use in a wide range of industrial weighing and peak weight/force applications. The extensive range of optional outputs enables the GS1650P’s use with BCD, Analog or Serial printers, computers and controllers. Printer outputs may be formatted by the user, to enable the use of low cost unintelligent serial printers to print gross/net and peak weights.

Questions About Multiple Weighing Indicators System?

From simple scale read-outs to high speed data acquisition and control, whatever your application, Gedge Systems has a digital indicator to suit your needs. Gedge Systems has a wide range of high-quality, high-reliability and high accuracy equipment. Situated in Melbourne, Gedge Systems have been producing weighing equipment such as Digital Weight Indicators, Batch Controllers and General Industrial Weighing Equipment all throughout Australia and overseas since 1978. If you want to know more about indicators and the weighing industry in general, the dedicated engineers from Gedge Systems will be pleased to help you out.


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