GS1650Mk3/v3 W&M Approved Totalizing Package & Baggage Digital Weight Indicator


Designed for Airport Baggage Weighing, the GS1650Mk3/v3 is ideal for packaging & bagging scales. Used for totalising anything by weight; the multi-interval/multi range mode allows small weights to be weighed more accurately on Weights & Measures Trade Approved scales.  The GS1650Mk3/v3 totalises from a few bags to an entire planeload with totals up to 999,999kg with a design that ensures no multiple weighing of the same bag will occur as long as weighing starts at zero every time. 



  • Optional LCD Passenger Display
  • Designed Specifically for Baggage Scale Weighing
  • Multi-Range and Multi-Interval Operation
  • Weights & Measures Approved to 8,500 divisions.
  • Australian NSC Certificate S193A
  • Bright 14mm Red LED SIX Digit Display
  • Display Resolution to 1 in 12,000
  • Display Increments 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50
  • Can display to 199,990 in kg, g, t, lb, N any units
  • Can be Optioned with Analog AND Serial Output or I/O
  • Includes Linearity Correction for Non-Linear Installations
  • Easy to Install – Full Keyboard Setup and Calibration
  • The EASIEST TO SETUP and USE in the BUSINESS according to customers
  • High Thermal Stability 7.5ppm/degC Maximum (most are 3ppm/degC or less)
  • Use on Multi-Deck Weighbridges with GS1650SMk Summing Unit
  • Use with GS1040-99 Remote Daylight Visible display repeater
  • Use with GS8920 Intelligent Ticket Printer
  • Long Term Reliability – we have products that are still working after 20 years
  • 6 Wire Load Cell connection for Remote Excitation Sense
  • Excitation Drive of 10VDC 230mA for up to EIGHT 350 Ohm Load Cells
  • Not a panel meter but a serious weighing instrument



  • All Trade Approved Weighing Applications NSC S193B
  • Airport Scales
  • Package and Baggage Scales


Option Cards:

  • Optional GS1025 LCD Passenger Display
  • Option 02 Serial Output RS-232C
  • Option 05 Serial Output 20mA Active Current Loop
  • Option 09 Serial Output RS-422
  • Option 202 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C
  • Option 207 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & 20mA Passive Current Loop
  • Option BR 1 Battery Backed Memory for Tare & Zero Tracked Zero
  • Option BR 2 Calendar/Clock with Battery Backed Memory for Tare & Zero Tracked Zero


  • GS 1025 LCD Passenger Display
  • SE 02 Factory Fitted into our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection
  • Option 04 Panel Mount Clamps


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