GS1550A Low Cost Digital Weight Indicator


The GS1550A is a medium performance economically priced microprocessor-based digital weight indicator which is a part of the wide range of GS intelligent microprocessor based instruments designed specifically to satisfy the needs of modern industrial weighing applications. The GS1550A is housed in a short length rugged all-metal industrial enclosure and includes the entire operator features required for a wide range of weighing applications. The extensive range of optional outputs enables the GS1650P’s use with BCD, Analog or Serial printers, computers and controllers. Printer outputs may be formatted by the user, to enable the use of low cost unintelligent serial printers to print gross/net and peak weights. DIL switches and potentiometers and user-installed resistors are NOT required when installing the GS1550A Digital Weight Indicator. Like all high technology GS products, the GS1550A is set up and calibrated solely by use of the front panel keyboard with easy to understand displayed settings and adjustments.




  • Display resolution to 1 in 6,000
  • Bright 14mm 6 Digit Red LED display to 199,990
  • Easy to Calibrate – Full Digital Setup and Keyboard Calibration
  • Can be Calibrated in ANY Units kg, t, lb, g, N, kN etc
  • 10VDC Excitation for up to 8 x 350Ohm load cells
  • Short Enclosure mounts easily in narrow control consoles
  • All Units are 100% Tested for Accuracy & Reliability



  • Platform Scales
  • Silo & Hopper Weighing
  • Weighbridges


Option Cards:

  • Option 14 Panel Mount Clamps
  • SEO 2 Factory Fitted into our Stainless Steel Enclosure for High Pressure Hose Down IP68 Protection.


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