The Compression Load Cell And Its Working Principles

What Is A Load Cell and How Does It Work? Load cells Compression, or commonly known as load cell transducers, are critical yet significant components in most industrial weighing systems. By definition, load cells are sensors that measure and convert weight- or more accurately, directional force into an electrical signal. Designed to be a highly accurate device, load cells can be used to measure compression, tension, shear forces or bending. 

Within the load cell structure are groups of areas designed to be ‘stressed’ when a load or force is applied and is bonded by thin elastic materials called ‘Strain Gauges’. These strain gauges are usually made up of stainless steel and are fixed right inside the load cells. Whenever a force or pressure is applied on the load cell, it stretches and causes the strain gauge to move along with it.

How Does A Compression Load Cell Work?

A compression load cell is one of the major categories of load cell that is most commonly used in the weighing industry aside from other types such as the beam load cells, tension load cells, and single-point load cells. Built to measure downward or lateral ‘pushing’ forces only, just like any standard weighing scale or platform, compression load cells are sometimes referred to as ‘column load cells’, ‘pancake load cells’ or ‘donut load cells’. They usually contain an integral button design, making them the simplest and most stable type of load cell as they are specifically designed for use in limited space weighing applications and can be built to be extremely compact.

Compression load cells are very accurate which is why in industries where products are sold by weight most commonly prefer using compression load cells. They can also measure off-centre loads because of their versatility. They provide your business with long-term stability and accuracy and can last you for years if properly taken care of through regular calibration services offered by your manufacturer and other reliable companies such as Australia’s longest manufacturer of high-quality, high-accuracy and high-reliability Gedge industrial weighing electronics including Calibration Services, Gedge Systems.

Compression Load Cell this is just a commonly modern load cell, that converts weight into an electrical signal. Here at Gedge System!!!

Designs for Compression Load Cells

One perfect example of a compression load cell is the canister-style load cell, which is characterized by its cylindrical shape with a mounting surface at the top and bottom. A central core is found on the inside along with a central core that works as a weight-bearing element. Bonded to the surface are what are called strain gauges which check and detect the deformation under the load. These types of load cells are strong, hardy and provide accurate solutions which is why it’s extremely important to make sure that they are properly aligned on every installation. This can be achieved through pairing them with a customized mounting hardware.

There are also other examples of compression load cell designs that are more compact, such as the button load cells which are usually used for test and measurement applications. Another example would be the doughnut load cells or thru-hole load cells which feature a central aperture for the apparatus. 

Compression Load Cells from Gedge

Most commonly known as canister load cells or compression force sensors, the Gedge Systems AGY Compression Load Cells are used in single and multi-weigh installations such as hoppers, small tanks, weighbridges, large silos and any other installation that needs compressive force.

Designed to offer quality, long-term performance to detect compression weight, The Gedge System AGY Compression Load Cells are available for small capacity to heavy duty applications. Each load cell can be supplied individually or combined with our state of the art instrumentation for a complete weight system.

The Gedge System AGY Compression Load Cells are ideally suited to high accuracy applications in truck and railway scales, tank and silo weighing and in heavy duty industrial scales where load cell compression measuring techniques are required while offering excellent long term stability for your industrial needs. If you want to know more about compression load cells and the weighing industry in general, the dedicated engineers from Gedge Systems will be pleased to help you out.


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