Wireless Radio 868 MHz Transceivers


Wireless Radio 868 MHz Transceivers form a network which enables wireless communication between various devices connected into the system. eg. weighing indicators, remote displays, computers, or printers. Both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are available. These units can work in one-to-one or mesh mode (up to five units).

Wireless communication is particularly advantageous where laying serial communication cables turns out to be expensive, when it requires trenching and conduit pipes. Going wireless also protects the entire weighing system from power surges caused by lightning.

The device comes in a durable industrial housing made of ABS and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The transparent front cover ensures easy verification of configuration of the unit and electrical connections without the need to disassembly.
The line-of-sight range is approx. 1000m (3281ft).
The SMA antenna connector is located outside the housing, and the antenna itself comes with a 5m cable to allow more flexibility for installation locations.


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