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GS1550A Low Cost Digital Weight Indicator




» Display resolution to 1 in 6,000
» Bright 14mm 6 Digit Red LED display to 199,990
» Easy to Calibrate - Full Digital Setup and Keyboard Calibration
» Can be Calibrated in ANY Units kg, t, lb, g, N, kN etc
» 10VDC Excitation for up to 8 x 350Ohm Load Cells
» Short Enclosure mounts easily in narrow Control Consoles
» All Units 100% Tested for Accuracy & Reliability


» Platform Scales
» Silo & Hopper Weighing
» Weighbridges


Option14 Panel Mount Clamps
SEO2 Factory Fitted into our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection.
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