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GS1650S Weights and Measures Approved Weight Indicator Summing Unit




» Weights & Measures Approved
» Bright 14mm Red LED SIX Digit Display
» Satisfies ALL W&M Requirements for Numeric Accuracy
» Accepts up to SIX Weighbridge Deck Inputs (requires Options)
» Standard Unit Accepts 2 Inputs
» For diagnostics displays INDIVIDUAL Inputs
» Displays the SUM of ALL Inputs
» Extensive Automatic Error Checking and Display Messages
» Accepts inputs from GS1650Mk3 Multi Range/Multi Interval Models
» Accepts inputs from all GS1650Mk3 Models
» Includes Front Panel PRINT Key
» Optional SERIAL OUTPUTS for Printers and Computers
» Optional Parallel BCD Output
» Optional SERIAL STREAM output comprising SUM & INDIVIDUAL WEIGHTS
» Easy to SETUP using the Front Panel Display and Keyboard
» Display Increments 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 (same as Indicator Inputs)
» Can display to 199,990 in kg, g, t, lb, N any units
» Used on Multi-Deck Weighbridges with GS1650Mk3 OR GS1650Mk3/v2 Inputst
» Use with GS1040-99 Remote Daylight Visible display repeater
» Use with GS8920 Intelligent Ticket Printer
» Long Term Reliability - we have products that are still working after 20 years.
» Not a Panel Meter but a Serious Weighing Instrument


» All Trade Approved Weighing Applications - NSC:S193B
» Weighbridges and Platform Scales

Option Cards:

Option01 62.5kBaud RS-422 Serial Output for GS Remote Displays and Controllers
Option02 Serial Output RS-232C
Option03 Parallel BCD Output
Option05 Serial Output 20mA Active Current Loop
Option09 Serial Output RS-422
Option202 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C
Option207 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & 20mA Passive Current Loop
Option SERIAL1 Additional Serial Input (up to 4 can be added to the Standard 2 inputs for a total of 6)
Option SERIAL2 Additional RS-232C Serial Output sending Individual Input Weights


SE02 Factory Fitted into our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection
Option04 Panel Mount Clamps

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