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Load Cell - GKJB4-5TS




» Welded Stainless Steel Type 304 construction.
» Available in 7 and 5 terminal models for 6 and 4 wire load cells.
» Neoprene seal on the inside of the Lid and "spring loaded" clamping lugs ensure tight IP67 sealing.
» Clamping Glands seal 4mm to 8mm cable entry against ingress of dust and liquid.
» 25 turn 20 Ohm Span adjustment pots for Excitation Balance if required.
» Can be used for ONE to FOUR Load Cell Installations.
» 7 terminal model allows SENSE of the Excitation Voltage all the way to the Load Cell on 6 wire Load Cells.


» The GKJB4-5TS and GKJB4-7TS 5 terminal and 7 terminal Stainless Steel Junction Boxes are a perfect compliment to the GS-KMT Quality Line of Load Cells. The Junction boxes are constructed of Welded Stainless Steel Type 304 with Compression Glands for Cable Entry and with a Uni-Cellular Neoprene Sealed Lid - the design and construction are environmentally rated to IP67 - perfect for those less than perfect installation sites. The GKJB4-5TS is generally used for 4 wire Load Cells but can be used with 6 wire load cells setup in a 4 wire configuration - the GKJB4-7TS is used for 6 wire load cells. Both include High Precision 20 turn Excitation Adjustment Pots for Corner Adjustments.


GKJB4-5TS Four Input Five Terminal Stainless Steel Junction Box
GKJB4-7TS Four Input Seven Terminal Stainless Steel Junction Box

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