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Load Cell - GK2130




» Economically Priced.
» More Rugged than other Brands - 30mm Wide in 2.5kg-5kg instead of only 25mm.
» Large 250mm x 350mm Platform size.
» Matched outputs for ease of installation.
» Load Cells 100% tested to guarantee load & thermal specifications met or exceeded.
» Includes Overload Protection Feature.
» High Accuracy 0.02% Combined Error.
» Industry Wide Standard dimension for easy replacement of other brands.
» All Threads M6.
» Popular Capacities from a Very Low 2.5kg to a high 50kg.
» More solidly constructed than normal for this market segment.
» High Grade Aluminium Marine Anodised.


» Fruit & Vegetable Filling Machines.
» Fruit & Vegetable Grading Machines.
» Food & Chemicals Filling Machines.
» Low Capacity Hopper Scales.
» Inventory Control - by weight.
» Shipping Scales.
» Bench Scales & Postal Scales.
» Check Weighing Conveyor Scales.
» Any Weighing Application requiring an Economically Priced Solution.


» If you build Medium Capacity Filling or Weight Checking Machines and you need a LARGER platform size than is available in the GK2130 model range then the GK2131 will be right for you. It can handle platforms to 400mm x 400mm up to 100kg and regardless of what you are filling, the ECONOMICAL GK2131 Single Point Load Cell will be the LOGICAL Choice. An ATTRACTIVE PRICE does not mean low accuracy either - the GK2131 has a worst case total error band of 2 in 10,000 and it's reliability is second to none. Add to this the fact that it is manufactured to International Dimensions and stocked by us in quantity and you have a load cell that is easy to switch to in your machine design


GK2130-2.5 2.5kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-3 3kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-5 5kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-10 10kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-15 15kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-20 20kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-30 30kg Single Point Load Cell
GK2130-50 50kg Single Point Load Cell

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