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Load Cell - GK2126




» Very Wide range of Popular Capacities from a Low 25kg to a High 20,000kg.
» High Grade Tool Steel Construction Electroless Nickel Plated.
» High Level 3mV/V Outputs.
» High Accuracy 0.02% Combined Error.
» Load Cells 100% tested to guarantee all load & thermal specifications are met.
» International Standard Threads in Metric and Imperial/US sizes including COARSE PITCH METRIC.


» Tension Calibration Rigs.
» Hanging Tank and Bin Weighing.
» General Force Measurement.
» Hopper filling and level control.
» Food and Chemical Industry.
» All Tension Weighing.
» All well aligned Compression Applications.


» The GK2126 S type load cell is manufactured and stocked in BOTH METRIC THREAD and IMPERIAL UNF THREAD SIZES. If you need a REPLACEMENT Load Cell or Cells for your application we have the Cell for you in the GK2126 Range. It is made to International Sizes so replacement of existing cells is a simple reality. The high accuracy of the GK2126 range - 0.02% Full Scale Maximum Combined Error make it appropriate to use in Weight and Force Calibration Rigs as well as all Hanging Bin and Hopper Batching applications in all Industries.
The range includes models with COARSE PITCH Metric threads to match Inexpensive and Easy to Source ALL THREAD Hi-Tensile Rod (also called Samson Rod or Booker Rod).


Metric KG Part Number Thread               kg            Imperial/UNF Part Number Thread                LB                                                       
GK2126-25      M6x1P 25 GK2126P50 1/4"-28UNF 50
GK2126-50      M6x1P 50 GK2126P100 1/4"-28UNF 100
GK2126-100    M6x1P 100 GK2126P200 1/4"-28UNF 200
GK2126-200    M12x1.7P 200 GK2126P250 3/8"-24UNF 250
GK2126-250     M12x1.7P 250 GK2126P500 1/2"-20UNF 500
GK2126-500    M12x1.7P 500 GK2126P750 1/2"-20UNF 750
GK2126-700    M12x1.7P 700 GK2126P1K 1/2"-20UNF 1,000
GK2126T1        M12x1.7P 1,000 GK2126P2K 1/2"-20UNF 2,000
GK2126T1.5     M12x1.7P 1,500 GK2126P3K 1/2"-20UNF 3,000
GK2126T2        M20x1.5P 2,000
GK2126T2.5     M20x1.5P 2,500 GK2126P5K 3/4"-16UNF 5,000
GK2126T3        M20x1.5P 3,000
GK2126T5         M20x1.5P 5,000 GK2126P10K 3/4"-16UNF 10,000
GK2126T5MC  Metric Coarse M20x2.5P      5,000
GK2126T7        M20x1.5P 7,000 GK2126P15K 1"-14UNF 15,000
GK2126T7MC  Metric Coarse M24x3P 7,000
GK2126T10      M30x2P 10,000 GK2126P20K 11/4"-12UNF 20,000
GK2126T20      M36x3P 20,000


» Refer to the GS-KMT Accessories Brochure for full details of Accessories including Junction Boxes and Rod End Bearings.
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