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> GK2106 - ECONOMY SMALL Aluminium 125kg to 1000kg Shear Beam Load Cell

Load Cell - GK2106




» International Size for Existing Cell Replacement
» 150% Safe Overload - Strong Construction
» Economical IP67 Sealing
» Quality Aluminium Construction
» Marine Grade anodised
» Matched Outputs
» Integral Mounting Step - spacer not required
» High Accuracy 0.03% Max Combined Error
» Popular 125kg to 1,000kg Capacities
» Popular M8 & M12 Mounting threads
» Load Cells 100% tested to guarantee load & thermal specifications met or exceeded


» As a "same size" replacement for damaged existing load cells
» All Floor Scales
» Batch weighing
» Hopper filling and level control
» Food, Pharmacuetical & Chemical Industry
» Bagging and Filling Machines
» Inventory Control - by weight
» Shipping Scales
» Scale Conversions


» For those platform scale, wool press, hopper scale applications requiring a small Economically Priced Shear Beam load cell the GK2106 will be the perfect choice. This all Aluminum IP67 Sealed Shear Beam is available EX-STOCK in quantity and is made in capacities 125kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg. The GK2106 is made to commonly used mounting dimensions which make it a logical choice if you are looking for a replacement cell in your equipment or in your wool press.


GK2106-125 - 125kg Shear Beam IP67 Load Cell
GK2106-250 - 250kg Shear Beam IP67 Load Cell
GK2106-500 - 500kg Shear Beam IP67 Load Cell
GK2106-1T - 1,000kg Shear Beam IP67 Load Cell


» Refer to the GS-KMT Shear Beam Load Cell Accessories Brochure for full details.

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