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> 50t Very Heavy Duty CONSTRAINED MOUNT for SILOS, BINS and HOPPERS using GK2137S Canister Load Cells

If you have a 40t to over 200t HEAVY WEIGHING application involving a SILO; HOPPER or BIN then the GKMA-37C Mount will be perfect for your project. 
Keynote features of this very heavy and safe mount are:-
ACCURACY - If you cannot measure it you cannot control it whether it be BATCHING or INVENTORY control.  The combination of the GKMA-37C Mount and GK2137S load cell provides a solution that, with a total error band of 0.03%, is up to 3 times MORE ACCURATE than many alternatives.
ENHANCED ACCURACY - Some alternative SILO MOUNT designs use the load cell to resist side loads resulting mainly from WIND LOADING. This is acceptable where high accuracy is not required BUT the load cell produces WEIGHING ERRORS as a result of these side loads. In the GKMA-37C Mount the load cell's fundamental high accuracy is not degraded as it is never subjected to any side loads. Instead, all side loads are constrained by the heavy M30 Tie Rod Constrainer in the mount while at the same time the mount and load cell design allows cross axis thermal expansion of the Silo/Bin or Hopper. 
SAFETY - Not only does the GKMA-37C Mount resist side loads with the heavy mount structure but it also includes an M30 10t rated {26t Ultimate} Anti-Uplift post to prevent the Silo from overturning.
STRONG and CORROSION RESISTANT - The GKMA-37C Mount is constructed out of 20mm thick C45 550MPa steel with a Heavy Industrial Chrome Plate finish for the ultimate in Corrosion Resistance. The GK2137S Load Cell is entirely made of Stainless Steel.
QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE COST - All this high quality, strength and accuracy comes at an attractive easy to buy price which includes factory assembly so they arrive at your site ready to install and use.
>> more GKMA-37C Heavy Duty 50t Mount

In applications where anti-uplift and hoizontal constrainers are already installed and only Top Plates and Bottom Plates are required the GKMC-37S Top and Bottom Plates provide a convenient and cost effective solution. >>more GKMC-37S Top & Bottom Plates

> 5t & 10t Heavy Duty MOUNTS for GK2102 Welded Sealed IP68 Shear Beams

Here is an economically priced VERY STRONG 10t & 5t Mount:
The GKMB02T10C and GKMB02T05C Mount is made of C45 550MPa Chrome Plated Steel. It, along with the GK2102T10 10,000kg IP68 Tool Steel Shear Beam Load Cell or GK2102T05 5,000kg Load Cell provides an Accurate, Strong, Reliable and Safe LOW COST Weighing Solution for all Outdoor or Indoor applications
The Mount includes restrained lateral freedom up to +/-3.5mm for Thermal Expansion of the Silo or Weigh Bin and includes Anti-Uplift (overturning) protection to 10t with safety support protection also to 10t.  This is a STRONG HEAVY MOUNT. With it you can use our 0.03% Full Scale  ACCURACY Shear Beam Load Cells to obtain the very best weighing and batching result. This is so much better than some of the less accurate alternative weighing solutions on offer today!

The same strong mount components are used for both 10t and 5t models, making it easy to use the capacity best suited to the application. The big plus is that you have to make only one footplate (or connecting bracket) size for all capacities. The ONLY difference between the 10t and 5t assembly is the overall height, as can be seen in the images.

You can use the GKMB02T10C & GKMB02T05C for all your Silo, Weigh Bin and Batching Applications that require a 5t or 10t per mount solution. For Mounts of 10t to 50t capacity each used on silos up 200t and beyond use our GKMA-37C Mount above.
>> more GKMB02T05C 5t Mount....>> more GKMB02T10C 10t Mount

> Base Plate, Load Buttons, Load Cups & Bearing Plates for GK2101S Stainless IP68 Bending Beams

GK2101S Bending Beam on Base Plate with Load Button

The easiest way to fix to "the floor" our GK2101S Bending Beams in 5kg to 500kg Capacity made from 17-4PH and 316 Stainless Steel is by using our Stainless Steel GKBP2101S Base Plate in 304 Stainless; GKBP2101SS Base Plate in 316 Stainless or the less expensive GKBP2101S4 Base Plate in 420 Stainless together with type 316/A4-70 Load Cell hold down bolts.  Many applications require only the Load Cells, the Base plates and a Load Button with Load Cup for each to completely support and locate the weigh hopper, screw feeder or weigh bin. We have guided bearing plates and flat bearing plates too which make an ideal solution for long screw feeders. See our screw feeder solution drawing 18153. 
>>more 304 and 316 Stainless base plate and load buttons
>>more 420 Stainless base plate and load buttons

> Base Plates for GK2107 Shear Beam LoadCells including Dimensions with Load Buttons

GK2107S 1000kg on Base with Load Button

The easiest way to fix LoadCells "to the floor" is to mount them on our 550MPa C45 Zinc Plated Steel BASE PLATES and then bolt the Base Plate to the floor. Shear Beam LoadCells, especially High Capacity models, require large "hold down" forces in the bolts and our range of 550MPa HT steel base plates have been designed and teamed with the right grade of bolts to assure you of a safe and reliable mounting arrangement. We have base plates for all our GK2107 Series of Shear Beam LoadCells and are adding base plates for other Shear Beam models in our extensive GS-KMT Range.
>>more 25kg to 3,000kg Bases --------- >>more 5,000kg Base 

>>more GK2107S 500kg~3000kg on Base with Load Button 

> Rubber Mounts for GK2107 Shear Beam LoadCells

Shown above - the smallest - 25kg
AND Below the largest - 5,000kg

Mounting machinery on RUBBER ISOLATION MOUNTS is a very long established practice which has successfully "spilled over" to weighing, where all kinds of equipment can be mounted on LoadCells using RUBBER MOUNTS. Applications that come to mind are Silos, Hoppers, Mixers, Conveyors and Platforms to mention a few. RUBBER MOUNTS have the advantage of providing both a method of fixing to the LoadCell and of Locating the load. They are not suited to all applications but we can give you expert advice regarding the best mounting technique for your application - just call.

We have Rubber Mounts for all our GK2107 Shear Beam LoadCells from the lowest 25kg capacity to the highest 5,000kg capacity. Our mounts are supplied with all hardware including load spreaders and fixing studs, nuts and washers.
>>more 25~50kg RMOUNT50 --- 100~250kg RMOUNT250

>>more 500~1,000kg RMOUNT1000

>>more 2,000kg & 3,000kg RMOUNT4500 --- 5,000kg RMOUNT5000


> GKMA3T Stainless Steel Mounts for 50~500kg GK2101S & 500~3,000kg GK2107 LoadCells

The Gedge Systems-KMT GKMA3T2107 and GKMA3T2101 all stainless steel mounts provide the very best weighing solution for tanks, hoppers, silos and platforms in applications demanding the highest accuracy while retaining freedom for thermal expansion of the vessel or platform.


The rocker design provides a self centering force without side load being applied to the load cell and so minimizes weighing errors resulting from extraneous forces. The mount's in-built constraints provide an "all in one" weighing solution.


>>more GKMA3T Full Constrained Stainless Mount  


 > Load Buttons & Sockets

Load Buttons & Sockets are a convenient and inexpensive way to mount "anything" on LoadCells, as they provide both a wear resistant loading arrangement and a locating arrangement - the lateral movement of the Button/Socket being limited by the recess in the socket. Generally they are used for medium accuracy applications as the LoadCells can be subjected to side loads unless lateral constrainers are also used.

We have Stainless Steel Load Buttons with M12/M16 & M18 threads and Load Sockets for ALL GK2107 Shear Beam LoadCells of 25kg to 5,000kg Capacity. These Load Buttons and Sockets can be used with ANY LoadCell having the same thread size.
> Swivel Feet

Most platform scales are mounted on FEET the aim of which is to keep the platform "off the floor" and to provide a locating mechanism (keep it in place). There is a very wide range of types of feet available but the best will provide for some horizontal and angular movement to avoid placing side loads and bending loads on the LoadCell. Feet are most often used with Shear Beam LoadCells. Our range presently comprises SWIVEL feet of Chrome Plated Steel. It is being expanded to include ALL STAINLESS STEEL models, and the very accurate Pendul Design Feet.

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