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> GS1750 100 Samples per Second High Speed Digital Weight and Force Indicator

GS1750 100 Samples per Second High Speed Digital Weight and Force Indicator




High Speed 100 Display Updates per Second
Very Short Settling time allows very fast reading after weight or force application
All the features of the W&M Approved GS1650Mk3 and 10 times FASTER
Bright 14mm Red LED SIX Digit Display
Display Resolution to 1 in 12,000
Display Increments 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50
Can display to 199,990 in kg, g, t, lb, N any units
Can be Optioned with Analog AND Serial Output or I/O
Includes Linearity Correction for Non-Linear Installations
Easy to Install - Full Keyboard Setup and Calibration
Customers tell us - the EASIEST TO SETUP and USE in the BUSINESS
Very high Thermal Stability 7.5ppm/degC Maximum (most are 3ppm/degC or less)
All Units 100% TESTED in our THERMAL CHAMBER to assure you of their ACCURACY & STABILITY
Long Term Reliability - we have products that are still working after 20 years.
6 Wire Load Cell connection for Remote Excitation Sense
Excitation Drive of 10VDC 230mA for up to EIGHT 350 Ohm Load Cells
Not a Panel Meter but a Serious Weighing Instrument


In-Motion Vehicle Weighing
High Speed Batch Applications
Computer/PLC Weighing Interface
High Speed Weight or Force Checking

Option Cards:

Option01 62.5kBaud RS-422 Serial Output for GS Remote Displays and Controllers
Option02 Serial Output RS-232C
Option03 Parallel BCD Output
Option05 Serial Output 20mA Active Current Loop
Option06 Analog Output 12 Bit Accuracy (1 in 4,096) 4-20mA & 0-10VDC
Option06HP Analog Output 14 Bit Accuracy (1 in 16,384) 4-20mA & 0-10VDC
Option07 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & Passive 20mA Current Loop
Option08 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-422A & MultiPoint RS-485
Option09 Serial Output RS-422
Option202 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C
Option207 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & 20mA Passive Current Loop
Option BR1 Battery Backed Memory for Tare & Zero Tracked Zero
Option BR2 Calendar/Clock with Battery Backed Memory for Tare & Zero Tracked Zero


SE02 Factory Fitted into our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection
Option04 Panel Mount Clamps