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> GK2107 - Nickel Plated Tool Steeel 500kg to 5,000kg Laser Welded IP68 Sealed Shear Beam Load Cell

Shear Beam Load Cell - GK2107




Waterproof Sealed IP68 Rating.
Superior Laser Welded seal construction.
High Grade Tool Steel Electroless Nickel Plated.
Matched outputs make corner adjustments un-necessary in most applications.
Load Cells 100% tested to guarantee load & thermal specifications met or exceeded.
Integral mounting step reduces need for spacer plate & improves mounting.
High Accuracy 0.02% Combined Error ( 2 in 10,000).
Wide range of "purpose designed" Stainless Steel feet, fittings and mounts.
Wide Range of Popular Capacities 500kg to 5,000kg.
M16 & 18 Mounting threads allow the use of Rugged Feet and Fittings.
12.5mm and 21mm Large Mounting Holes allow the use of Strong hold down bolts.


Industrial Floor Scales.
Batch weighing.
Hopper filling and level control.
Bagging and Filling Machines.
Inventory Control - by weight.
Shipping Scales.
Overhead Cattle Scales.
Harsh Environment Applications.


If your application demands the security of Laser Welded IP68 sealing, but does not require Stainless Steel, then the GK2107 will be the right choice for you as it is identical in every respect to the GK2107S except it is manufactured from High Quality Tool Steel electroless Nickel Plated and as you would expect, it COSTS LESS than the Stainless Model.


GK2107-05 - 500kg IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell
GK2107-10 - 1,000kg IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell
GK2107-20 - 2,000kg IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell
GK2107-30 - 3,000kg IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell
GK2107-50 - 5,000kg IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell


A wide range of accessories is available for all GS-KMT Load Cells. They make using the GK2107 range of Shear Beam Load Cells in your application easier and more cost effective while at the same time meeting your requirements for strength and durability. Refer to the GS-KMT Shear Beam Load Cell Accessories Brochure for full details.

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