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GS3850 Eight Setpoint Weight Controller




» Effective weight comparision rate of 300 samples per second
» Bright 14mm Red LED display
» Configurable for 8 Dual Speed Feeder Setpoints with Hi/Lo Tolerances.
» Configurable for for 8 Single Speed or 4 Dual Speed Simultaneous Setpoints
» 8 Optically Isolated Open Collector Outputs - 5 to 48VDC 0.5A
» Outputs: Fast, Slow, High, Low, Zero, Gross, Motion
» Includes Power Supply to Operate Relays and Switches


» Connect to Weights & Measures Approved GS1650Mk3
» Connect up to 8 to GS2750 for Serially Downloaded Setpoints
» Any batching application requiring multiple displays of setpoints
» Single/Dual Speed Feeder Controller


Option04 Panel Mount Clamps
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