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GS3100 Weigh/Batching Computer/PLC Front End




» Remote Computer/PLC can WRITE MESSAGES to the DISPLAY
» Can Operate in Foreground or Background Mode
» Can send WEIGHT in STREAM or ON-DEMAND mode
» Front Panel Keystrokes can be Sent to Remote Computer/PLC
» Excitation Sensing Design allows Accurate Weighing THROUGH I/S BARRIERS
» Multi Tasking Batch and Fieldbus Controller
» Available with MODBUS RTU/ASCII
» Use of Communicators provides DeviceNET and other protocols
» Standard RS-232C Serial Output
» Bright 14mm Red LED display, Resolution of 1 in 10,000
» Display to 199,990 in kg, t, g, LB anything.
» Operates up to 8 x 350Ohm Load Cells
» Two Optically Isolated Open Collector Setpoint Outputs (5-48VDC 0.5A)
» Operator Interface, Shop floor data capture
» All Units 100% Tested for Accuracy & Thermal Stability
» Panel Mount Clamps supplied as Standard


» Operator Data Capture
» Batching and Control Systems
» Remote Silo level indication via Modem
» PLC/PC Front End Indicator/Controller
» Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foods, Stock Feed, Concrete - Any Industry Really

Option Cards:

Option02 Serial Output RS-232C (Not Required as RS-232C Fitted as Standard)
Option05 Serial Output 20mA Active Current Loop
Option6HPF High Accuracy Analog Output 14 Bit Precision (1 in 16,384) 4-20mA & 0-10VDC
Option07 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & Passive 20mA Current Loop
Option08 Serial Input/Output Optically Isolated RS-422A & MultiPoint RS-485
Option09 Serial Output RS-422
Option202 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C
Option207 Serial Output Optically Isolated RS-232C & 20mA Passive Current Loop


SE02 Factory Fitted to our Stainless Steel Enclosure for HIGH PRESSURE HOSE DOWN IP68 Protection
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