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Gedge Systems, situated in Melbourne, is Australia’s longest established manufacturer of high quality, high accuracy and high reliability Industrial Weighing electronics. We have been producing weighing equipment at our Melbourne plant since 1978, and in that time we have shipped tens of thousands of our Digital Weight Indicators, Batch Controllers and General Industrial Weighing Equipment throughout Australia and Overseas.Many of the products you see around you, and use, will have been made using our Weighing and Batching Equipment. There is scarcely a plant in Australia that does not have somewhere one of our Weighing and Batching products to meter and weigh material – it may be on an Industrial Weighing Scale, connected to Silos or Mixers or Hoppers, connected to Weighbridges, controlling a bottle or bag filler or in any one of the countless situations that need to process materials by weight.

As examples, Gedge Systems Weighing and Batching Equipment is reliably weighing millions of tons of Grain on weighbridges in all states of Australia . Our products are used to fill the bags of Coffee you buy, the Pre-Mixed Lettuce Leaves in supermarkets, the Shampoo you use in the shower, the Pharmacutical Products you use from time to time and the Cement from which your house is built - the list is endless.If yours is a plant that processes material by weight, then it is almost certain you will already have one of our distinct 'blue boxes' in your factory – it may very well have been serving you for 20 years or more, as our products have an enviable reputation for reliability and, as we don’t believe in “planned obsolescence”, you will find we can service and support that product today.

Notable milestones for Gedge Systems are that we were the FIRST manufacturer in Australia to obtain Weights & Measures Approval for the use of our Digital Weight Indicator in 'trade weighing'. Our model GS1400 was approved by the National Standards Commission (NSC now NML) in 1985 for use to 5,000 divisons. Since then we have obtain successive updates of Approvals on our GS1650 Series of Digital Weight Indicators which today set the Accuracy and Stability Benchmark, being Approved for Trade weighing to 8,500 divisions. Weights and Measures Approved Equipment must be used wherever goods are sold by weight - this applies as much at the Retail level in Shops and Supermarkets as it does at the Industrial level in factories and on weighbridges.

The Accuracy and Thermal Stability of our Weighing Equipment is achieved both by Design and 100% Testing. Every Weight Indicator and Weight/Batch Controller manufactured by us since 1978 has undergone two days of stability assesment and adjustment in our Temperature Chamber to assure us and you, the user, that they will operate, out of the box, as specified 'for certain'. With thermal stability specifications of 7.5ppm/C o on Span and 240nVolt/C o on Zero, maintaining the high quality, as we do, takes the sort of commitment to our users typical of everything we do at Gedge Systems.In addition to weighing technology, our background is strongly rooted in the fundamental technology on which all weighing is based, this being applied stress analysis and the application of bonded resistive strain gauge technology both in experimantal stress analysis and the manufacture of force and weight transducers - load cells, as they are more widely known. Our business was founded on the distribution of Strain Gauges, Stress Analysis Products and Electrohydraulic Materials testing systems and so this is a technology well understood by us. We regularly held workshops throughout Australia on the practical application of these techniques.

With this backround, and the fact that every weight indicator/controller is connected to Load Cells, it was a natural progression for us in 2005 to add Load Cells to our product range. We have carefully configured our GS-KMT line of Load Cells to match the Application needs and Quality expectations of our clients. Our GS-KMT Range of Load Cells covers capacities from 5kg all the way to 30,000kg in all manner of styles - Tension, Compression, Moment Insensitive (Single Point), Shear Beams and S Types. Regardless of whether you are replacing a load cell in an existing application or designing a new application we have the Load Cells and Load Cell Mounts and Accessories you will require for the job and, as manufacturers of the Electronics we can guarantee they will team together to work for you. No matter what your application, whether it involves the Automatic Filling of small Bags of 30g of Coffee, bags of 50kg of potatoes, boxes of Oranges and Apples, Weigh Hoppers and Mixers to 10 tons or to 80 tons, Silos to 100 tons, goods trains with 1,500 tons of coal and anywhere between we have the Industrial Weighing Electronics, the Load Cells and importantly, the Experience and the Technology to assist you. Pleasantly, you will find that you pay no more for our weighing products, despite the extent of the technical support we provide at the planning stage of your project and on through delivery, construction and later on-going support.

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